from 2014 s civil resistance to 2018 s violent clashes

protesters were collecting signatures on sunday demanding the withdrawal of a proposed amendment that would allow paraguay's president to stand for re-election while his allies vowed to move forward with the measure despite friday's violent clashes.
while different groups and factions are still attempting to drive the isis terrorists out of mosul, iraq’s second largest city, internal clashes between some of these groups have caused new challenges in the way.
clashes between the syrian government and moderate opposition forces have fully stopped, russian defense minister sergei shoigu stated during his meeting with un special envoy for syria staffan de mistura.
at least 15 people were killed in clashes on the pakistan-afghanistan border after taliban fighters attacked three border posts in pakistan's mohmand tribal area, the military said.
نام : یک سال بسیار خشن – a most violent year
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خلاصه داستان: در سال 1981 در نیویورک که یکی از خشن ترین سالهای این شهر در تاریخ ایالات متحده بود، تاجری به نام اَبل مورالس سعی دارد ب و کار خودش را رونق ببخشد اما در عین حال اخلاق را نبازد…
گویندگان: شایان شام بیاتی، منوچهر زنده دل، مینو غزنوی و… ادامه مطلب
australian police fired pepper spray to break up clashes between right-wing nationalists and anti-racism protesters on the streets of melbourne on sunday, the latest protest held by anti-immigration groups in the country.
a child was killed and one more person was injured by sniper bullets during clashes that erupted in ein el-helweh, the largest palestinian p in lebanon, according to local media.
dozens of myanmar soldiers have been killed in several clashes between ethnic rebels and the army along the border with china, state media reported on tuesday, threatening leader aung san suu kyi's chief goal of ending decades of ethnic strife.
six people have now died in clashes between the iranian regime’s security forces and members of the sufi faith in gonabadi.
currently, the death toll stands at six, with three riot police, two members of the paramilitary basij force, and one protester having died.
کش قدرتی ورزشی jianna sports resistance band با 43 درصد تخفیف دیدن این کالا در دایابرگ
“the islamic republic’s most significant skill is to turn any subject into a crisis: relations with the us, the nuclear program, house arrests, women in stadiums, hijab, capital punishment and human rights,” i tweeted on september 5, 2017and now we must add the crisis of the sufis to this list as wellhere we are not merely talking about “reactions.” even when it comes to “actions,” the islamic republic is highly skilled in finding the most costly way to do things, whether it is regional diplomacy, the country’s nuclear and the missile programs, the administration of former president mahmoud ahmadinejad, or syria. this holds true even on a smaller scale. in both its actions and reactions, the regime loses control of whatever crisis it createsthe islamic republic’s stance toward iran’s sufis follows the same pattern. it turned the situation into a crisis, and then to solve the crisis, or to accomplish its goal to subdue the dervishes, it incurred high costs and quickly lost control. this is exactly what happened on the night of february 19 in clashes between gonabadi dervishes and the policethe ruling mullahs and their military and police forces have always worried that the moral and religious authority of some group or other might gain power and influence, so they use the most violent and complicated methods to restrain groups that they see as their rivals or potential rivals. their treatment of sufis, other mystic groups, the baha’is and the sunnis are clear examples of this approachin their confrontations with the islamic republic, these four groups have generally shunned violence. the last significant unrest between authorities and the gonabadi sufis took place from february 25 to march 10, 2014, when prison officials refused to transfer afshin karampour, an imprisoned gonabadi dervish who had been suffering from severe pains in his kidneys and spinal cord, to the hospital — a move that should have been routine for most incarcerated prisoners. in an article entitled “a model for civil resistance,” i reported on the protests and clashes for iranwire [in persian]. and this week, the confrontation started with the arrest of nematollah riahi, another ailing gonabadi dervish and an old man“complete lies”on february 4, two weeks before the most recent clash, a group of dervishes gathered outside the home of their guru, noor ali tabandeh, in tehran to shield him from arrest. “the police, the prosecution and other responsible agencies have no plans to take action against gonabadi dervishes in tehran,” announced general hossein rahimi, commander of tehran police, at the time. he said that rumors about the impending arrests of the dervishes were “complete lies” and blamed the “hostile media” for spreading the lies to “create tensions.” but, now, it is exactly what he denied — the arrest of a dervish — that has sparked these new confrontationsduring the 2014 protests, the dervishes had a clear, non-violent agenda: “social and political solidarity, sit-ins, hunger strikes by the prisoners, letters to the president and his advisor in minority affairs, signing petitions addressed to the judiciary, active media paigns, statements of solidarity from dervishes abroad, informing the international community, dervishes from other towns actively participating in tehran protests, holding peaceful rallies, and avoiding violencebut the regime’s response to the protests was nothing if not violent. security forces fired warning s s into the air, beat the protesters with batons, tasered them and, for the first time, attacked female dervishes as well. a large number were arrested, including 80 women. at the time, catherine ashton, the eu’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, was scheduled to visit iran and government authorities wanted to resolve the situation before she arrived, so they released the dervishes not long after their arrestthe most recent events resemble those of 2014 in one aspect: dervishes still try to inform the public about their grievances through public protests. but a lot has changed. this time, their messages of resistance to the regime were stronger and more daring. what is more, there has been a significant increase in various groups expressing sympathy for the sufis on social media. and, compared to 2014, dervishes are talking a tougher language, including online. for example, one recent tweet by a well-known sufi activist during the clashes reported that the police were entering the alley where the protesters were. “we are surrounded. if i perish, i love you.” not only was he documenting what was happening, he was broadcasting his readiness for death. a video posted online included a screens of a tweet from another activist, who issued a warning to authorities attempting to enter the residence of noor ali tabandeh. “the regime must be aware of this: if it invades, it must do so over the bodies and the blood of dervishes,” it saidon the regime side, too, there has been a new and unpleasant development. the government still uses threats and, if necessary, takes suppressive action against the dervishes. the sufis have had to deal with various social pressures from the government. they are denied government jobs, are banned from institutes of higher education and are the targets of hostile propaganda produced by pro-regime media. they are often summoned and arrested. but, unlike the baha’is and the mystic group erfan halgheh, which are both handled by the ministry of intelligence, it is the police that usually confronts the dervisheswhen the police lose controlof course, the islamic republic prefers to use the police for crackdowns, but sometimes this approach does not work. in the aftermath of the disputed 2009 presidential election, the revolutionary guards and the paramilitary joined the fray when the police failed to control the situation. likewise, in the recent nationwide protests, after seven days of the police proving to be unable to quell the unrest, the commander of the revolutionary guards stepped forward and declared an end to “sedition” — meaning that the protesters were now facing the guards, not merely the policethis also happened during the sufi protests on february 19. police forces were on the frontline of the confrontation with the dervishes, but when it was felt that the police had lost control, plainclothes agents and members of the paramilitary basij, affiliated with the revolutionary guards, stepped inwhat we have come to now is this: on one hand there is the government, which shows no restraint in using violence against a minority. and on the other hand, we have a minority that is no longer shy about resisting the government, even if violence is involved. this “violence vs. violent resistance” was a characteristic of both the political protests of 2009 and the recent protests across iran. and now this new form of resistance has spread to protests by the sufis, as well as other groups that align themselves against the islamic republic. at the same time, it has also raised the level of sympathy and respect for the dervishes among other political groups who support civil rights, including the rights of the sufisthe vicious circlethere has also been a wave of angry reactions to the deaths of three policeman, who were killed after being run over by a bus, and the death of a basiji, who died when he was run over by a car. another basiji was also killed, but the cause of his death has not been confirmed. who exactly is responsible for these deaths has not yet been established, but the islamic republic will use this wave of emotions and calls for a non-violent response as justification to suppress the dervishes with even more intensity, and to portray its potential “rival” noor ali tabandeh as an “enemy.” it’s a vicious circlequestions, however, remain: why did the confrontations between the sufis and the government turn so violent and deadly, especially when compared with 2014? and what happened between february 4, when tehran’s police commander denied any plans to arrest dervishes and actually agreed to remove police from the area where protests were taking place in order to disperse the crowds, and the night of february 19, when at least five people were killed and a new crisis beganit is unlikely that the security agents of the islamic republic have given these questions any thought. what we know for the moment is that at least 300 dervishes, some of whom were hospitalized after suffering injuries, have been arrested, and the media affiliated with the revolutionary guards have been talking about the “end of riots by the rowdy dervishes.” using the media to influence public opinion, it is quite possible that some of those arrested will face long prison sentences, or even the death penaltythe government’s model for handling crises it has itself created is by now routine. the dervish crisis has likely just begun, and we can expect authorities to revert to their strategies of control, and employ their weapons of restraint, in the same way they have in recent years
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another day, another official lg teaser for the upcoming g6. following yesterday's very pink image that spoke about "reliability", today's teaser has thankfully returned to the blue hue, though it's a tad different from that used for the virtual istant tease from earlier this month. anyway, here it is in all its glory: "under pressure" isn't a queen song in this context, it clearly has to do with water resistance. add to that the word "resist" and the oft-rumored ip68 certification for water and dust resistance is all but confirmed. the g6 should thus be "dust tight", which is the...
300 iranian dervishes remain under arrest after clashes with security forces
after clashes with security forces in iran, more than 300 sufi dervishes remain under arrest and more have been arrested in smaller cities or trying to enter tehran, where clashes took placegonabadi dervishes protesting the arrest of one of their members in front of a police station in tehran on monday 19 febiranian sufi dervishes of the gonabadi school s to the headlines across the country after their protest against the arrest of one of their members led to violent encounter with security forces on early hours of tuesday february 20three police officers and two plain-cloth basiji forces have been killed in what the security forces are calling a car ramming attack allegedly initiated by one of the dervishes. security forces have arrested 300 dervishes, say sources close the gonabadi sufis. the names of 200 of those arrested have been published so far; the rest are injured or not accounted for in the prison systemthe sufi muslim group of gonabadi dervishes have been subject to persecution since the coming to power of the mainstream shiite theocracy of islamic republic in 1979. however in the past month followers of this sufi group have been under more pressure with the intelligence faction of the islamic revolutionary guard corps (irgc) putting their leader’s house under surveillance, threatening followers and arresting themthe tuesday clashes were preceded by at least two more clashes in the past three weeks in seventh golestan street in tehran, where the group leader, nour ali tabandeh, residesthe most recent encounter between dervishes and iri security forces involved a minibus whose driver ran over antiriot policethe clashes soon be e the topic of conver ion in social media and images of a bus running over police officers triggered criticism of dervishesdervishes were criticized for engaging in violence and tarnishing their image of peaceful protesterssome social media users have also presented the possibility of the attack being staged by the authorities and blamed on dervishes since fars news, media outlet linked to the revolutionary guards, was the first source to identify the bus driver as one of the dervisheshead of majzooban noor website run by gonabadi dervishes has told zamaneh that they were taken by surprise by this accu ion. farhad nouri insists that gonabadi dervishes have always acted in self-defence and never initiated any attacks or disturbanceshe adds that the alleged perpetrator mohammad salas was reportedly at the site two hours prior to the bus attack and he was so severely beaten by the police that there was concern he might have been dead. nouri goes on to express doubt about a dervish being able to secure such a bussome sources close to the gonabadi dervishes claim that mohammad salas is dead from sustained injuries. some others say that he is in custody. security forces have disseminated a video in social media of an injured man claiming to be salas saying that he drove the bus into riot police ranksnourali tabandeh, the leader of the gonabadi dervishes has been quoted as saying that they do not subscribe to violence. in a video message, tabandeh reportedly urges his followers not to act on impulse or cause injury. he also insists that the dervishes should have the right to defend their beliefsmany gonabadi dervishes were reportedly beaten in the clashes with security forces on monday night and tuesday morning. nouri confirmed that about 300 dervishes have been arrested in the course of defending the gonabadi premises referred to as the seventh golestan. he adds however that the number is rising as dervishes entering tehran from other parts of the country are also being arrestedmany of those arrested are severally injured and have been transported to hospitals. on wednesday 21 feb, some of those who had sustained injuries were sent to prisons without full recoverynouri reports that the events were escalated after state police attempted to set up a checkpoint at the seventh golestan three weeks ago and began increasing number of guards and intervening with the traffic in and out of the seventh golestanin recent years islamic republic authorities have arrested and sentenced several gonabadi dervishes across the country for charges such as threatening national security and causing disorder
به پیشنهاد دوستان captain america : civil war رو دیدم . در یک جمله می تونم بگم که تمام زور کمپانی marvel برای یک ابر قهرمانی بود که اتفاقا به نظر من یک افتضاح بود . چرا؟ خب به نظر من چند تا دلیل داشت . ادامه مطلب
لینک این مطلب در سایت کافه سینما: مردی که نمی خواست مایکل کورلئونه باشد!/ نگاه منتقد و نویسنده "کافه سینما" به خوب و کمتر قدر دیده"خشونت بارترین سال" (جی. سی. چندور) سرویس نقد کافه سینما – سید آریا قریشی: جی. سی. چندور با هر ش بیش از پیش اثبات می کند که چه نامه نویس و کارگردان بااستعدادی است. به نظر می رسد کم کم وقتش رسیده که چندور شا ارش را بسازد. اما خشونت بارترین سال / a most violent year علی رغم تمام نکات مثبتش و با این که یکی از آثار بسیار خوب سال پربار 2014 محسوب می شود، هنوز با این جایگاه فاصله دارد.
جا دارد از تمامی انی که در ایام نوروز 93 تلاش فراوانی را در زمینه استقبال از مسافرین نوروزی داشته اند تشکرو قدردانی گردد به ویژه آقای حسین خلیلی وآقای جمشید بازیاری و محسن خلیلی که در تمامی ایام نوروز93 تلاش چشمگیری را از خود نشان داده اند.

پروژه کامل راهسازی با نرم افزار civil 3d پروژه-کامل-راهسازی-با-نرم-افزار-civil-3dپروژه کامل راهسازی به همراه فایل word  فایل
the courts in iran are cl ified by the area - special civil courts.of jurisdiction (civil or criminal) and according to the level of the litigation or crime. basically, our lawyers in iran specify that there are no less than four civil courts:
- first level,
- second level,
- independent civil courts, you can see more informaition in
at least one person was reportedly killed and several more were injured on urday in baghdad in the scuffle between the iraqi police and protesters.
نام کتاب : introduction to civil engineering systems نویسنده : samuel labi ویرایش : 1 سال انتشار : 2014 فرمت : pdf تعداد صفحه : 1058 کیفیت : ocr انتشارات : john wiley & sons کتاب - 39.8 مگابایت جهت دسترسی به توضیحات بیشتر درباره ی کتاب اینجا کلیک کنید. چنان چه برای با مشکل مواجه شدید به لینک زیر مراجعه نمایید. راهنمای از uploadboy در صورت اب بودن لینک کتاب، در قسمت نظراتِ همین مطلب گزارش دهید. چنانچه کتاب خاصی مدٌ نظرتان است، آن را در قسمت نظرات معرفی کنید تا در صورت امکان در وبلاگ قرار گیرد.
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 محرم 1385 روستای سلح چین عاشورای حسینی  
اختصاصی از فایل هلپ مقاله isi با عنوان: elastic buckling and load resistance of a single cross-arm pre-tensioned cable stayed buckling-restrained brace با و پر سرعت .
مقاله isi با عنوان: elastic buckling and load resistance of a single cross-arm pre-tensioned cable stayed buckling-restrained brace
مقاله isi با عنوان: elastic buckling and load resistance of a single cross-arm pre-tensioned cable stayed buckling-restrained brace • مقاله isi با عنوان: elastic buckling and load resistance of a single cross-arm pre-tensioned cable stayed buckling-restrained brace   • ژورنال: engineering structures   • محتوای مقاله: pre-tensioned cable stayed buckling-restrained brace (pcs-brb)   • سال انتشار: 2016 میلادی   • فرمت فایل: pdf و شامل 15 صفحه به زبان انگلیسی می باشد.   abstract this paper proposes a new type of buckling-restrained braces (brb), namely a pre-tensioned cable stayed buckling-restrained brace (pcs-brb) which is formed through introducing an additional structural system of pre-tensioned cables and a number of cross-arms to the outside of a common brb. this new system significantly improves the brb’s overall external restraining stiffness, hence increasing the load-carrying efficiency in its structural design. due to its aesthetically appealing structure, it can be utilised in stadiums and so forth as a laterally resistant brace. equilibrium method is utilised to deduce formulas of elastic buckling load of pin-ended pcs-brb. the restraining ratio and the initial pre-tensioning force of cables are investigated to explore the effect on the axial compressive load-carrying capacity of the pcs-brb through finite element analyses in elastic-plastic range. the findings indicate that two different types of buckling modes may occur in this pcs-brb, namely single-wave symmetric and double-wave antisymmetric buckling modes. it was found from theoretical and numerical analyses that: a negative linear correlation exists between elastic buckling load and initial pre-tensioning force of the cables; the geometric parameters of the cable stayed system possessed remarkable effect on the elastic buckling load. in addition, the post-yield behaviour and ultimate compressive load-carrying capacity of the pcs-brb is directly proportional to the restraining ratio, and there exists a lower limit of the restraining ratio which allows the inner core to reach full cross-sectional yielding without overall instability failure of the pcs-brb. furthermore, there exists an optimal initial pre-tensioning force of cables to make the load-carrying capacity of the pcs-brb to reach a maximum value. the investigation of elastic buckling and load resistance of pcs-brb provides fundamentals to further develop a complete design method of pcs-brb.   ______________________________ ** نحوه سفارش مقالات isi: پس از پیدا مقالات درخواستی خود از سایت عنوان یا لینک مقالات مورد نظر خود را به ایمیل [email protected] ارسال کرده پس از قرار گرفتن مقالات در سایت می توانید به صورت آنلاین اقدام به ید و دریافت مقاله نمایید. ** ** توجه: خواهشمندیم در صورت هرگونه مشکل در روند ید و دریافت فایل از طریق بخش پشتیبانی در سایت مشکل خود را گزارش دهید. **
مقاله isi با عنوان: elastic buckling and load resistance of a single cross-arm pre-tensioned cable stayed buckling-restrained brace
centrist emmanuel macron kept his position as favorite to win france's presidential election after a televised debate on tuesday night in which he clashed sharply with his main rival, marine le pen, over europe, just 19 days before the election.
urology news july 07.2014 castillo v1, valenzuela r1, huidobro c2, contreras hr1, castellon ea1. cancer stem cells (cscs) have the ability to self-renew and differentiate to give rise to heterogeneous phenotype of the tumor cells. it is believed that these cells are involved in metastasis, recurrence and the y resistance in various cancers. cscs have been identified in prostate cancer (pca), one of the most diagnosed malignancies in men over the world, for which chemothe y resistance is a major problem in the treatment of castration-resistant a nced stages. molecular signatures, gene expression and functional features have been reported for pca cscs. most data come from cell lines which may not represent the actual tumor. in the present work, a cscs enriched population obtained from pca explants was functionally characterized and analyzed for drug resistance. tumorsphere cultures positive for abcg2 transporter, cd133, cd44, cytokeratins 5 and 18 (ck5 and ck18) and negatives for androgen receptor (ar) and prostate-specific antigen (psa) showed higher clonogenic capacity, holoclone-forming ability, colony-forming capacity in soft agar and lower proliferative and apoptotic rate than control adherent cell cultures. furthermore, exposing tumorsphere cultures to abcg2 substrate drugs resulted in a high survival rate compared with control pca cells. this high drug resistance was decreased using a selective inhibitor of abcg2. according to these results, tumorspheres from pca explants showed a functional stem phenotype and a marked drug resistance, probably mediated by high expression of the abcg2 transporter, which might be considered as a suitable the utic target for cscs. source: int j oncol. 2014 sep;45(3):985-94. doi: 10.3892/ijo.2014.2529. epub 2014 jun 27.
مقالات isi در زمینه gfrp ژورنال های معتبر منتشر شده در سال 2014 مقالات isi در زمینه gfrp ژورنال های معتبر منتشر شده در سال 2014
محتوای مقالات: ورق و میلگردهای پلیمری gfrp
ژورنال: composite structures ، construction and building materials ، engineering structures ، thin-walled structures
سال 2014
این مجموعه شامل 19 مقاله در فرمت pdf می باشد.

عناوین مقالات این مجموعه:

1) adhesively bonded modular gfrp web–flange sandwich for building floor construction

2) an experimental study of gfrp-to-concrete interfaces submitted to humidity cycles

3) creep ...
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مقالات isi در زمینه بادبندهای کمانش ناپذیر (brb) منتشر شده در سال 2014 مقالات isi در زمینه بادبندهای کمانش ناپذیر (brb) منتشر شده در سال 2014
محتوای مقالات: بادبندهای کمانش ناپذیر، مهاربندهای ضد کمانش
ژورنال: constructional steel research ، engineering structures
سال 2014
این مجموعه شامل 6 مقاله در فرمت pdf می باشد.

عناوین مقالات این مجموعه:

1) local buckling behavior of steel angle core members in buckling-restrained braces: cyclic tests, theoretical analysis, and design recommendations

2) a practical and unified global stability design method of buck ...
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five east libyan force soldiers were killed in clashes with islamist-led rivals holed up on the edge of a recently recaptured district of benghazi, a military spokesman said.
at least 23 egyptian soldiers were killed and 33 others injured today when terrorists attacked several army checkpoints with car bombs in the restive north sinai, triggering fierce clashes that left 40 militants dead.